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Why Thai labors?

     From the survey, it was found that foreign employers have viewed Thai workers as productive, obedient and hardworking. And, Thai laborers are adaptable, flexible and friendly in manner and have a positive outlook. To better prepare for Thai labor employment to work abroad, V. Dragon has established a training and certification system to guarantee the competence of Thai laborers in specific labor sectors. The company has complied with minimum or higher internationally accepted standards. The training and certification system for specific labor sectors will complement the national skill standards system. This includes setting minimum criteria for the knowledge, abilities and skills of Thai laborers.

     About 30% of Thai laborers working abroad are technical workers, such as job of labor transportation equipment in different fields, e.g. construction jobs. And, the rest of workers can be divided equally between agriculture, manufacturing and the service sector. For Thailand, we have actively coordinated with labor-receiving countries, in order to achieve mutual acceptance and understanding. For this reason, Thai workers from all backgrounds have shown that they are productive, obedient, hard-working, adaptable, friendly characters. Thai laborers are willing to receive reasonable wages and are highly competitive compared to wages for similar workforces in other countries.

Full Recruitment for Thai labor

We have a personnel team with proficient skills in recruiting Thai laborers. Our number of teamwork team is ready to provide services for customers with a determination to develop and fully respond to customer needs. Throughout the line of work of delivering Thai labor to work abroad, for more than 21 years, in providing services of selecting quality workforce that match a job qualification with skills, knowledge and abilities, we serve the customer’s need in all aspect.

Job Application Process

Easy to apply, fast flight, absolutely safe. Importantly, it's legal.

Easy to apply, fast flight, and absolutely safe

The company’s staff go to pick up job seekers at Mo Chit
The company’s staff bring job seekers to fill out applications at V Dragon Recruitment Company Limited
Apply for a passport (Passport)
Attend health check-up at the hospital
Submit for background check or CID submission process
Apply for a work visa
Request for a permit of bringing job seekers to work abroad (Department of Employment)
Applicants sign documents before departure at the company
Applicants sign documents before departure at the company




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