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    V. Dragon Recruitment Company Limited was established in 2000, with fully awareness of the duty of being Thai labor recruitment agency company to work abroad. Therefore, V. Dragon has prepared the company’s personnel in full efficiency and experiences in labor delivery to work abroad. Since the beginning until today, it has been more than 20 years that V Dragon has delivered Thai skilled workers to work in various positions and in many countries, including Japan, Israel, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, Libya, Brunei, Onan, and Portugal.
    With our comprehensive approaches and a database, we have pre-selected applicants from extensive networks throughout Thailand, especially in the Northeast. We are confident that we can be empower joining works well.

Message from the President

     We are one of the leading recruitment companies that has been operating overseas for over 20 years of experiences and has expertise in providing the quality of Thai manpower to work abroad in many countries. We are proud to be a reliable recruitment company that can provide Thai labor to work with our partners and meet their expectations and satisfaction.

     We are committed to social responsibility in every aspect of our business. We connect Thai workers from remote areas who lack of job opportunities and gain inconsistent income, to find a job from around the world that match their skills. This chance will support themselves and their family. Moreover, we also organize training programs for all employees to improve their skills and career growth.

       For this reason, we have established a language school to offer courses in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English, which can help our employees prepare themselves before working abroad. And, it can help the employee get an understanding of the employer’s culture, including work ethics, in which they can adapt themselves promptly before starting a job.



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